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“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!”
Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

“The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.”
George Carlin

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.”
Charles M. Schulz

“In the old days, it was not called the Holiday Season; the Christians called it 'Christmas' and went to church; the Jews called it 'Hanukkah' and went to synagogue; the atheists went to parties and drank. People passing each other on the street would say 'Merry Christmas!' or 'Happy Hanukkah!' or (to the atheists) 'Look out for
                                                                            that wall.'  --Dave Berry

Two Miles High and Six Feet Under excerpt

Coyle and Sarah are walking back to the rented cabin after having dinner at the hotel restaurant. Coyle is carrying their daughter Leona, and Sarah is admiring the light snowfall.

Coyle decided to use the same argument with Sarah that had been successful when he used it with Doc James. “Besides, I’ve been told that George’s father Mr. Polanski may have reason to be unhappy with the Ice Palace and the whole Carnival Planning Committee. Maybe young Mr. Polanski will slip and say something I can use. That’s all there is to that.” What Coyle said came out a little gruffer than he meant it to sound.
“Ha,” said Sarah.
Coyle noticed that when she thought she crossed some imaginary line, Sarah changed the subject.
“The snow covers all the ugly things that we humans leave strewn about. Everything looks new. Everything looks clean and white. Look, the moonlight is so bright you can see the shadows on the snow.”
Coyle thought, shadows of bad things to come most likely.
“But it is always so gosh damned cold,” Sarah finished her thought, and pulled her fur collar up tighter.
It was the first time Coyle had ever heard Sarah swear. Yah, she even talks like a lawyer, and she is gosh damned good at it.

EnerSys Batteries in Space
Steps to avoid space flight disasters such as Challenger and Apollo 13 have been reported in the Boulder Daily Camera.  Longmont, Colorado's plant for EnerSys, a Reading, Pennsylvania corporation, makes batteries that will provide power to the steering Launch Abort System. In emergency situations the system will separate the part of the capsule where the crew is housed from the rocket. The option to abort was not available to previous space shuttles.

During a tour of the Longmont facility, Charles Lundquist, Deputy Manager of NASA's Orion Program said to EnerSys engineers,"You truly are leading the way to Mars. This is the spacecraft that will take us back to the moon and beyond....and y'all are part of it."

Private companies in 48 states and 10 European countries are involved in making parts and services for NASA's deep space program. In Colorado 250 companies have a part in the design and manufacture of parts for NASA programs. Eventually, nobody is saying when, the Orion will take a crew to Mars and back.  

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A Christmas Gift
David Jonathan Sturgeon was in bed and it was Christmas Eve 1914. The ten-year-old boy was too sick to go downstairs in his Denver home and join his family around the Christmas tree. To cheer up his son, D.D. Sturgeon decided to light up a tree outside his son's window., He dipped light bulbs in red and green paint, and connected them to an electrical wire, He brightened David"s holiday, and inspired people from miles away to come marvel at the sight of the multicolored illuminated tree.

Although there had been a few earlier outdoor decorating attempts around the country, they dimmed compared to the glowing reports provided by The Denver Post reporter Pinky Wayne, and enthusiastic city boosters of a century ago were soon touting this as the first illuminated outdoor Christmas tree. The next year, Sturgeon's neighbors decorated their trees, too, and the tradition lived on.

Reporter Pinky Wayne made sure Denver was soon in the spotlight of a national craze. D.D. Sturgeon was dubbed the "Father of Yule Lighting." Wayne organized the country's first outdoor-lighting contest in Denver in 1918, attracting hundreds of contestants.  By 1919, the official city electrician, John Malpiede, had caught the fever and replaced the lights in Denver Civic Center with colored globes of red and green for the holidays and by the late 1920s, Denver had become known as the "Christmas Capital of the World." In 1945, NBC broadcast a tribute to Denver and the Sturgeon family for having created a beautiful holiday tradition.


What did the Gingerbread Man put on his bed?
A cookie sheet

What does Santa like to eat?
A jolly roll

Where do Santa's reindeer like to stop for lunch?
Deery Queen

Why does Santa Claus go down the chimney on Christmas Eve?
Because it soots him

What do elves learn in school?
The Elf-abet!

What nationality is Santa Claus?
North Polish

Two Miles High and Six Feet Under
In time for the holiday season Two Mile's High and Six Feet Under: A Tale of Leadville Colorado 
Elevation 10,152 Feet
is now on sale on Amazon Kindle Books and on Barnes and Noble Nook, not to mention Smashwords which provides e-books to several other electronic retailers. Great holiday gift and there is no wrapping, and always the right size and color.

Reviews are also important. Please let the book seller know what you thought of Two Miles High and Six Feet Under with a written review, good or bad.
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Denver City and County Building, Christmas lights 2017. The lights stay up until after the National Western Stock Show, January 6-21 2018

Clement Clarke Moore
Clement Clarke Moore (July 15, 1779 – July 10, 1863) wrote A Visit From Saint Nicholas. This poem, the favorite Christmas verse ever written and possibly the most loved poem written by an American first appeared on December 23, 1823 published anonymously in the Troy (NY) Sentinel. His children, for whom he had originally written the poem, encouraged it's publication. At first Moore had not wished to be connected with the popular verse, given his public reputation as a professor of ancient languages. By then, the original publisher and at least seven others had already acknowledged him as author. It been reprinted frequently since then to the enjoyment of most Americans.

Denver Area Christmas Snow Statistics
From the National Weather Service:
Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?  Here is the historical data for Denver since observations began more than a century ago.
If having a white Christmas means having one inch or more of snow on the ground on Christmas Day, then the chances are about 38 percent (44 days in 117 years since snow depth measurements began in 1900).
On the other hand, if a white Christmas means having measurable snowfall (0.1 inch or more) on Christmas Day, then the odds drop to about 15 percent (20 days in 135 years since snowfall measurement began in 1882.                                   

5 Greatest Snow Depths on Christmas since 1900

1982:  24"
1913:  19"
2006:  15"
1973:  12"
1918:  11"

What can you say if you really don't like a gift you received?
This is perfect for wearing around the basement.
Sadly, tomorrow I enter the Federal Witness Protection Program.
To think -- I got this the year I vowed to give all my gifts to charity.
I really don't deserve this.

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"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night."
~ Clement Clarke Moore

North Pole, Santa's Workshop, Colorado Springs, Colorado
   Santa's Workshop is an amusement park North of Colorado Springs, open May 16 - December 24, Hours 10:00 to 5:00. The park is especially busy from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve. Santa is getting ready for his Christmas Eve trip around the world and the park will close at 4:00 P.M.
   The are rides, Family Rides and Kiddie Rides. There are a total of almost 30 amusement rides and admission allows an unlimited  number of rides per person. Kiddie rides don't allow adults and certain rides don't allow children under a specific height to ride alone. You will  find plenty to do no matter height or age. There are also gift shops. The star attraction is a visit with Santa Claus. No Pets are allowed in the park. Weather is unpredictable; bring clothing suitable for the mountains (7,500 feet in elevation).
   Go early (9:30) if you can, to get a parking place and avoid the longer lines that will form later in the day.  From I-25 take U.S. 24, coming from the north right turn on 24. Coming from the south on I-25 turn left on
U.S. 24. Follow U.S. 24 diagonally northwest for approximately 10 miles. 

Colorado Moose
   Not exactly a reindeer, can't pull Santa's sleigh,never been seen to fly in the sky, not one has a red nose, but the moose is a bigger version of the puny reindeer. The moose, in fact, is the largest member of the deer family.
The following from The Denver Post August 2015
Until the late 1970s, only a few stray moose would wander into northern Colorado from herds in Wyoming. These strays were probably just transient animals seeking new habitats, but even though Colorado high country has excellent moose habitat, they never came in large enough numbers to establish a stable population here. Biologists think moose might have been expanding their ranges slowly southward and may have established themselves in Colorado on their own.
   Wildlife managers and biologists, however, decided to give the moose a boost in the right direction. The reintroduction of moose to Colorado is currently the most successful program of its type for Parks and Wildlife to date.  Colorado now boasts a moose population of approximately 2,500 animals. (Probably even more since this article was written.)   While other areas of the state are experiencing thriving populations, State Forest State Park east of Walden still presents the best chance to see one of these majestic creatures.  Observing moose is a favorite of wildlife watchers.  They are large and impressive and tend not to spook like a deer or elk.  This can also create issues if you don’t understand their behavior.  Moose are a very dominant creature.  They are territorial and protective of their young.  As stated earlier, they do not spook off the trail and quite often not only stand their ground but will charge.  Many of my outdoor friends think a moose can be more dangerous than a bear.
   While getting too close is a factor, dogs can be a dangerous catalyst.   Moose see dogs as a wolf, which is their number one predator. The typical reaction of a moose to a dog is to attack in self-defense, stomping the dog and often the dog’s owner.  This happens if the dog is on a leash or runs back to the owner when attacked.  There have been a number of moose attacks in Colorado and all but one involved a dog.

Only Monday and it is already time to update. The Avalanche is at the bottom of their division in wins and losses. The Broncos have lost seven games, Colorado University is out of the bowl picture with a 5-7 record.  Miakela Shiffrin is the only Colorado winner. At the World Cup Meet at Killington, Vermont, Shiffrin won the Slolom event.
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Cleaning the Blizzard off the Sidewalk is Snow Fun
All snowflakes have six sides, other than that, each one is different, shape, size, intricacies.
Colorado gets cold but nothing compared to Siberia where the temperature reached -96F in 1974.
Igloos, warmed entirely by trapped body heat where temps inside can be 100 degrees warmer than outside.
In 1921, 76 inches of snow fell in just 24 hours at Silver Lake, Colorado a record for a one day snowfall.

Colorado Ski Areas
In addition to the six Ski Areas and Resorts that started operations in October or early November the mountains received significant snowfall November 17 which assures Thanksgiving opening days for 6 more areas:
Aspen Mountain
Crested Butte
Howelsen Hill

Most open areas are operating on a limited basis. The number of lifts and runs can vary from day to day depending on overnight snow storms. Generally the higher the area, the deeper the snow, thus better ski conditions. Areas in the northern mountains of Colorado are a better bet to be open... for now.

Winter Olympics
South Korea's second Olympic Games, first Winter Games, will be held in Pyeongchang (Mountain cluster)
February 9-25, 2018. Veterans from the Korean War can attest that winter in Korea is very cold and lack of snow will not be a problem. Journalist will probably have trouble spelling the name.

There will be 15 major categories of sports with several events under each of them. For example there are five sports under ice skating. One of the ice skating sports is figure skating with its many disciplines, and ice .hockey  is another in the skating category. Obviously, there will be many hours of TV watching time. Keep a TV guide or Olympic TV schedule, handy to keep track of your favorite winter sport.

Reading Is Our Favorite Winter Sport
In this excerpt of Two Miles High and Six Feet Under, Coyle is getting a ski lesson from the Captain of the Cross Country Ski Team. Remember it is 1896 and the skis are long and cumbersome.

Coyle knelt to attach the leather ski straps to his ski boots. Before he knew what was happening, the skis slid backward down the slight incline taking his feet with them and he fell forward on his face.

Standing over a floundering Coyle who was trying to get up, Sorensen regained his stone face. Sorensen  said, "May I suggest that you always put your skis across the slope before you try to put them on? If either the front end or the back end is pointed downhill, they will go down the hill on their own. It doesn't matter whether you are ready or not. Apparently your skis didn't want to wait for you.

Coyle struggled to his feet. Coyle began to realize that skiing, even on the flat, was not as easy as it looked. He was glad George Tulanski, the good dancer, good skier, and unwitting rival, wasn't there to see the inauspicious beginning of what would be an unforgettable day.

<![CDATA[My Thoughts]]>Sat, 11 Nov 2017 16:29:15 GMThttp://garyesmith-author.net/weekly-blog/my-thoughts4063580Colorado Ski Areas
Most ski areas try to open by Thanksgiving weekend if the weather and the snow-gun cooperate, So far only six areas are open on a limited basis.
  • Arapahoe Basin Ski Area
  • Breckenridge
  • Copper Mountain Resort
  • Keystone
  • Loveland
  • Wolf Creek Ski Area
Driving past Copper Mountain, Saturday 11-10-17, we saw only saw one run open and the runs on either side were nearly bare. The one operating run was obviously augmented with artificial snow. Not to say that would be true of other areas but one should check to see what conditions are at areas with early openings before going. It could prevent disappointment. (or give you an extra day of skiing...bonus) 

Veteran day Celebrations
Breakfasts and Parades and similar celebrations took place all over the state in cities and towns large and small, main streets, cemeteries, and places where Veterans memorials have been erected.

Excerpt from
Two Miles High and Six Feet Under

Coyle is being reprimanded  by Dr. James for lack of progress in his investigation when Millie the nurse barges in and interrupts the conversation.
“You better find out before this time next week. After the race, turn in your snowshoes. The rental on them is piling up and I don’t see any…”
“Oh, excuse me, Hudson. I didn’t know Mr. Coyle was in…”
“Damn it, Millie, how many times have I told you to knock?” Doc James said.
“We just got a call that another kid has a fever. Sounded like another scarlet fever. It’s the Whiteside boy.”
“Damnation and telephones. People wouldn’t come all the way to the office to see me when they were sick. Since those confounded telephones were invented, sick people just call me on the phone and expect me to come running.”
“You wouldn’t have it any other way,” Millie said, “having telephone service saves lives and you know it.”
Doc James left in a hurry without having anything further. Meeting over.

Monarch Butterflys
Monarch Caterpillars eat milkweed leaves and grow rapidly. In 10-15 days their weight increases by almost 3,000 times. Milkweed contains toxins which does not hurt the Monarchs, but keeps the predators away.  

.Monarchs navigate more than 1,500 miles to a site unknown to them when the started their journey. They sometimes travel from Mexico to Canada using thermal currents.In North America, the monarch ranges from southern Canada through northern South America. It has also been found in Bermuda, Cook Islands, Hawaii, Cuba, and other Caribbean islands[ the Solomons, New Caledonia, New Zealand Papua New Guinea Australia, the Azores, the Canary Islands, Gibraltar, the Philippines, and North Africa. It appears in the UK in some years as an accidental migrant.
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Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.
John Muir

Gather leaves and grasses, Love, to-day; For the Autumn passes Soon away. Chilling winds are blowing. It will soon be snowing.
John Henry Bone

Who are these people? What do they all have in common?  Answers below.
Excerpt From Two Miles High and Six Feet Under
Coyle is interviewing Gus DeLeo, the Chairman of the Parade Committee

Coyle snickered. "Speaking of politicians, Burton Poindexter was Assistant Treasurer. What do you know about him?"
"Like most politicians he started out honest and true to his word. The last time I saw him, toward the end, he had a sneaky little smile that made me suspicious. Never trust a man who doesn't drink and still walks around with a smile on his face."
"Did you know Charlie Christmas the muleskinner? They say he walked under a falling bullet on New Year’s Eve."
"Violent town. Always was violent, and as long as there's gold and silver in them hills, it always will be."
Coyle thanked DeLeo, put on his hat and gloves, before started out the door. Out of the corner of his eye he saw DeLeo take the pipe out of his mouth, and throw the unlighted pipe across the room, hitting the stove.

Doctor Puns
I just found out I'm colorblind. The diagnosis came completely out of the purple.

"Doctor, there's a patient on line 1 that says he's invisible" "Well, tell him I can't see him right now."

Dr.'s are saying not to worry about the bird flu because it's tweetable.

Answer to Quiz
1. Glenn Miller (band leader in the '40s)
2. Byron "Wizzer" White (later Supreme Court Justice)
3 Judy Collins (popular singer)
4. Robert Redford (movie actor)
5. Emma Colburn (Olympic steeple chase runner)

All attended the University of Colorado

Baseball News
It is that time of year when Major League Baseball keeps baseball in the news year- around by giving out their awards for last season's performances, Most Valuable Player etc.

Charlie Blackmon was overlooked in the MVP race because it is a popularity contest and players from major population centers are more popular with the sportswriters who do the voting. There is a general bias against Coors field because "the ball goes farther in the thin air."

With 104 Runs Batted In (RBI), 37 Home Runs, and 14 Triples, Charlie Blackmon led the league or was tied in all three categories. Other players were as good or close in one category, but nobody had Charlie's stats in all three.

His numbers were as good in games away from Coors field as they were at the Rockies home field. Blackmon must wonder what it would take to be considered in the final top four of MVP voting.

Norland Aranado won his 5th Gold Glove at third base. That means he was the best fielding third baseman in the league for five straight years. D.J. LeMahieu won his second Gold Glove as the best second baseman.

Sad news, Roy Halladay’s sudden death Tuesday in a plane crash off the coast of Florida was a shock to the MLB community. Halladay,40, was the  pilot and  only passenger in the plane when it crashed into the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday afternoon.

Roy was a Denver native. He was the star baseball player at Arvada West high school where he graduated. In the major leagues his is dominance stretched for more than a decade. Halladay will surely be as good bet to be picked for the Hall of Fame one the first ballot when he becomes eligible in 2019.  He is considered one of the best if not the best baseball player to come out of Colorado.

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For almost two centuries, American gray wolves, vilified in fact as well as fiction, were the victims of vicious government extermination programs. By the time the Endangered Species Act was passed in 1973, only a few hundred of these once-great predators were left in the lower 48 states. Lydia Millet

Wolves Are Coming
The last known grey wolf in Colorado was a female named ThreeToes. She was killed by a government agent in 1945.When market hunters decimated the large mammals that constituted wolves' staple diet, wolves naturally turned to a new food resource in the developing frontier: livestock. Wolves earned a bad reputation as livestock killers as wild game herds decreased.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission under the influence of ranchers voted In January this year

not not to allow the reintroduction of wolves back into the state. If the Wildlife Commission had approved reintroduction, the measure would have to be approved by the Colorado State Legislature. Wyoming and Arizona among various other surrounding states have voted to reintroduce wolves into their states.               b Boundaries are not recognized by wolves. Bordering states are where the wolves will come from.

Wolves go where game (food) is plentiful. In Rocky Mountain National Park professional hunters were considered to cull the elk herds of old and sick elk because the numbers had become too great. Without their most important predator, elk have over browsed their grassland and decimated small aspen.

Colorado has over 270,000 elk, the largest number of any state in the U.S. Also over 60 percent of the Southern Rockies are  federal land. The food and public land provide the best potential habitat for wolves.
If wolves arrive on their own, we’ll have to live with where they appear. If wolves are introduced, there can be more flexibility on where they live and more planned ecological impacts.When we say that wolves are coming home to Colorado, we always add that we hope we will be around to see them take hold. We need them back.

Love Test
If you want to find out who loves you, lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car for an hour. Then when you open the trunk see who is glad to see you.

Bode Retires
Bode Miller the most decorated U.S. male skier has retired from competitive skiing. He will join the NBC television team to announce the ski events at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018.\

Broncos QB
Following the Broncos' third consecutive loss, Joseph said "everything is being explored" to help Denver stay in contention for a postseason berth. He called the team together before the Wednesday practice to announce his decision.(?? Elway)   Brock Osweiler to start at quarterback vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Tuesday, Coach Joseph announced “It’s my job to do what’s best for the football team,"  "... If you try to go the same way and it doesn’t get better, that’s on me. Again, we have players and coaches putting a lot of time and effort in to get ready for these football games and guys are playing hard. I think it’s fair to examine [the quarterback] position and all positions."

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You can drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, on every continental shelf and atop every hill in America for that matter, and you still won't reverse the fact that our oil production is in permanent decline. We're just sopping up what's left, digging ourselves into a deeper hole.
 -Roscoe Bartlett

Well, my son really loves wildlife.And every time he draws a polar bear I want to tell him there probably won't any by the time he's my age. That's kinda hard to deal with.
 -Thom Yorke

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA) was a United States chemical weapons manufacturing center located in the Denver Metropolitan Area in Commerce City, Colorado. The United States Army considered the location  impervious to enemy attacks.The site was completed December 1942. Weapons manufactured at RMA included both conventional and chemical munitions, including  napalm and mustard gas.  RMA is also one of the few sites that had a stockpile of Sarin nerve agent GB), an organophosphorus compound. Themanufacture of these weapons continued until 1969.

From the1970s until 1985, RMA was used as a demilitarization site to destroy munitions and chemically related items. The Army leased RMA facilities to private industries for the production of pesticides. One of the major lessees, Shell Oil Company, along with Julius Hyman and Company and Colorado Fuel and Iron, had manufacturing and processing capabilities on RMA.

When it was determined that RMA waste water was contaminating the local groundwater and endangering the population and crops, evaporation of the contaminated waste from water-tight reservoirs was tried, but failed. The Corps of Engineers drilled a disposal well and forced waste water down the well and into the layer of rock at great depth.(Fracking?) The result was 750 measurable earthquakes within a five mile radius of the well.

In 1986 it was discovered that the absence of human activity had made the area an involuntary park when a winter communal roost of bald eagles, then an endangered species, was discovered on site. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service soon realized that more than 330 species of wildlife inhabited the Arsenal including deer, coyotes, white pelicans and owls.The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Act was passed in October 1992 and signed by President George H. W. Bush. It stipulates that the majority of the site will become a National Wildlife Refuge under the jurisdiction of the Fish and Wildlife Service.

For example,sixteen American bison were brought from the National Bison Range in Montana to an enclosed 1,400-acre section of the refuge in March 2007 as part of the US Fish Wildlife Service Pilot Bison Project. The number of bison reached 87 in 2013, forcing the USFWS to cull the herd to just 60 animals as the limited acreage could not support so many animals. USFWS officials said that in a few years they will expand the bison acreage to 12,000 acres, which will allow the herd to expand to an anticipated
210 animals.

Bees and Pesticides
A new study shows that bee-killing neonicotinoid chemicals have permeated much further into our environment and food supply than previously thought. Bees and other pollinators are absolutely critical to our food and farms -- these tiny insects are responsible for pollinating approximately 80% of all food crops in the United States.

Scientists collected 200 samples of honey from around the world, and 3 out of 4 samples contained the bee-killing pesticide. Worse than that, nearly half contained a mix of several types of the toxic chemicals. In Europe, neonics are already subject to strict regulations and will likely be outlawed completely within the next few years. We can do that here, but for the next four years, leadership will need to come from the local level.

The good news is that it's happening. A growing list of cities and towns from Eugene, Oregon, to South Portland, Maine have taken action to ban bee-killing pesticides. But it's up to us to speak out and keep the momentum going. We are running out of time to stop neonics from killing our bee population, and with Scott Pruitt running the EPA, we need to take action at the local level.

I learned nothing in college. It was really kind of my own fault. I had a double major: psychology and reverse psychology.

There was an old professor who started every class with a vulgar joke. After one particularly nasty example, the women in the class decided to walk out the next time he started.  The next day he said, “Good morning, class. Did you hear the one about the shortage of whores in India?” With that, all the women stood up and headed for the door. “Wait, ladies,” cried the professor, “The boat doesn't leave until tomorrow!”

A family's only son returns home from college. The father asks, "Well son, you done gone to college, so you must be perty smart. Why don't you speak some math fer' us?"

The son says, "Pi R squared."

The father yells, "Why son, they ain't teached ya nothin'! Pies are round, cornbread are square."

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Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking trees down with your face.
-Dave Barry

You won't get hurt skiing if you don't fall.
-Warren Miller

It is better to go skiing and think of God, than go to church and think of sport.
-Fridtjof Nansen

Colorado Skiing
Arapahoe Basin was the first ski area to open the 2017-18 season. The ski area was first opened in 1946 with two lifts, a rope tow and trails at an estimated $150,000. A-Basin, as it called, is located on the eastern side of Loveland pass at an elevation of 11,900 feet above sea-level in the Rocky Mountains of north-central Colorado. On the western side of Loveland Pass is the A-Basin's rival Loveland Ski area. They vie to see which will be first to open and which will stay open the longest.

Last year In the 2016-17 ski season Arapahoe opened October 21 and Loveland opened November 10. Closing was another matter. Loveland closed May 7 and Arapahoe Basis won again closing June 11. This season Arapahoe has done it again when they opened first.October 13. Hundreds of skiers did care not which opened first. They just wanted to be there opining day...A-Basin.

Forecasters are saying this will be a great ski season. Not only longer than normal, but also plenty of snow in a La Nina year, La Nina weather pattern provides plenty of snow in the mountains while the low-lands stay warm and dry. Let us hope that's true.

One to think about

A husband and wife were driving through Louisiana. As they approached the town of Natchitoches, they started arguing about the pronunciation of the town name. They argued back and forth, until they stopped for lunch. At the counter, the husband asked the  waitress, "Before we order, could you please settle an argument for us? Would you please pronounce very slowly  where we are ?" She leaned over the counter and said, "Burrr-gerrr Kiiing."

Excerpt from Two Miles High and Six Feet Under
In this chapter Sorensen the ski team captain is explaining to Coyle how to cross country ski.

“Step down on one foot and push off, slide the other foot forward and glide. That’s it, kick and glide, kick and glide. Pole with the right hand when you kick with the left foot,” Sorensen said.

With a final look of approval Sorensen departed saying, “Tulanski is leading the fast group. I’m going up to see how they are doing, but I’ll be back to help you get up the hill.”

Demonstrating with his ski, Sorensen said, “Going up the hill, toes apart, heels together, like this. You will leave marks in the snow like the ribs of a fish and you are the spine. That is why it is called a herringbone.”

“Going down the hill, you don’t want to go too fast. Be like a snowplow. Tips together, heels apart. The farther your heels are apart the more the snowplow will slow you.”

“Just follow the tracks in the snow, and you will be okay.” With that Sorensen sped away leaving Coyle feeling like he was standing still, which he was much of the time.

Coyle muttered. In frustration, he mumbled some other well-chosen words to himself.
Coyle wanted to ask how fast was too fast.
At the base of the first hill, Coyle was contemplating coming down. He was still pondering how fast was too fast. He was not worried about getting up the hill, but he should have.

One for the Road
I used to be addicted to soap, but I'm clean now.